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This site is devoted to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for commercial nursery/floral crop producers. The original project was sponsored by the: Texas A&M University System, Texas Nursery and Landscape Association, and the Texas Pest Management Association. Funding to support this project also was provided by the Texas A&M University System and EPA's Foundation for IPM Education. Modifications were supported by a grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture titled "Implementation of an IPM Pilot Program in Texas" (551-0-1790) awarded to Bastiaan M. Drees and John A. Jackman, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 2000. Dr. Dan Lineberger, Professor of Horticultural Sciences, revised the page layouts and added new pest information and links. Neal Lee, Student Assistant, updated pesticide label information to provide more current information.

This information has been prepared to assist producers in developing an IPM program specific to their needs and growing operation. Because the nursery/floral industry is so diverse, with little standardization, a great deal of flexibility has been incorporated into hortIPM. Basic IPM components are outlined in detail and the overall format has been designed to fit a wide range of applications.

Implementation of a Pilot County IPM Program for the Texas Nursery/Floral Industry

Information on hortIPM project

Texas A&M University Nursery/Floral Management Team

TAEX personnel working with nursery, floral and landscape industries.

Target 2000

Long range environmental plan for the nursery/floral industry.

Target 2000 Update

New projects and programs regarding T-2000.

Target 2000 Update - Research and Demonstrations

New projects regarding T-2000

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