Target 2000 Update
Publications, Programs and Activities

Water Management Guidelines for the Texas Greenhouse Industry:
Since 1992 this TAEX publication has provided growers with the basic information required to establish a water management plan. Information on topics such as: irrigation systems, water quality, fertility, pH and alkalinity, capture and recycle systems, integrated pest management and much more have made this an extremely valuable tool for growers in Texas and throughout the Southern Region of the United States.

Best Management Practices Guide:
The Texas Agricultural Extension Service, in cooperation with the Texas Association of Nurserymen, Southern Nurserymen's Association and the Southern Water Alliance, have recently completed a Best Management Practices (BMP)Guide for the nursery/floral industry. This publication presents a variety of resource efficient BMP's focusing on water use and water quality. Growers can use the guide to document those BMP's currently in place, as well as to identify new management practices which may reduce potential environmental impact.

Aggie Horticulture and the World Wide Web:
The Internet and the World Wide Web are changing the way we communicate with others, gather information and conduct business. Information technology is changing rapidly and growers face the challenge of keeping pace with new developments. TAEX is at the forefront of this new technology. Aggie Horticulture is among the most comprehensive sites on the WWW and the Environmental page under the Nursery/Floral heading is playing an important role in the Target 2000 project.

TAEX/TAN Distance Education Program:
The Texas Agricultural Extension Service, in cooperation with the Texas Association of Nurserymen, conducted a Technical Training Series for the Nursery/Floral Industry via the Trans Texas Video Network (TTVN). These programs focused on in-depth information with special emphasis on recent developments in the areas of: water and water quality, best management practices integrated pest management and related topics.

Over 300 individuals at 13 locations throughout the state took part in this educational event. The 1997 Distance Education Series has already been scheduled for 1998 - 99,

TAN/TAEX Internship Program:
A close evaluation of TAN's Long Range Plan suggests that the level of cooperation and shared responsibility with TAEX will increase over the next 5 years. Areas such as: Environmental Policy and Regulations, Additional Publications, More Educational Materials to Support the TCN Program, CEU's for the TCN Program, More Regional Educational Programs, Safety Training Programs and even an Interactive Video Network will require the support of TAEX.

The newly established TAEX internship program provides much needed technical assistance for a wide range of TAN and Extension educational activities. In addition, students receive a unique opportunity to become familiar with both the Texas Association of Nurserymen and the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Together the Texas Association of Nurserymen and the Texas Agricultural Extension Service are partnering for the future of the Texas Nursery/Floral Industry.

Biologically Intensive IPM for Nursery/Floral Producers:
Through the TAEX IPM Minigrant Program a biologically-intensive IPM for the nursery/floral industry was established. This project is the first step towards developing an IPM program to be implemented at the County level. The second phase of this project has already started and training materials for scouts and IPM personnel are being developed.

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