Pest Management Training Programs Available from TAEX:
Dr. Bastiaan Drees, Professor and Extension Specialist
Department of Entomology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

Greenhouse and nursery operators and their employees have a need for access to pest management and pesticide safety training (Note: TAEX faculty can use these materials as take-home material for providing Continuing Education Units for individuals maintaining a Texas Department of Agriculture only for private applicators and only if accompanied by a worksheet, e.g., some type of written exercise, for return as proof of completion). These materials are also useful for providing training to other, non-licensed employees and staff. Products available at the TAEX Audio Visual Library can help provide a variety of educational opportunities.

Contact an Extension specialist (e.g., Dr. "Bart" M. Drees, 409-845-6800; FAX: 409/845-6501) or visit your County's Extension Agent (in Agriculture, Integrated Pest Management or Horticulture) with a copy of this newsletter article and request items from the list provided to meet your educational programming needs. These faculty/staff can process Form D-1084 ("Reguest For AV Library Materials") and/or contact Edna Eisfeldt (409/845-2704) to arrange to loan copies from the library. A deposit may be required. If you are aware of additional educational programs that you feel would be valuable additions to the library, please let me know and provide me with ordering information.



Pesticide Safety in the Greenhouse (English and Spanish), VHS 270, sound, color, 21 minutes, University of Wisconson, 1986

Training Greenhouse Workers to Handle Pesticides Safely (English and Spanish), VHS 271, sound, color, 16 minutes, University of California, 1986

Proper Care and Use of Air-Purifying Respirators, VHS 589, sound, color, 25 minutes, MSA Video Production, 1990

Integrated Pest Management Concepts in Agriculture, VHS 2046, (SS 1362 80 slides), 1 hour, 1997

Integrated Pest Management, VHS 602, sound, color, 15 minutes, National Park Foundation, 1986

Biological Control: Learning to Live with the Natural Order, VHS 2039, sound, color, 25 minutes, Copyright@Disney as to Microscopic Footage, 1996

Fire Ants, VHS 424, sound, color, 29 minutes, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, 1989

Insect Identification, VHS 768, sound, color, 9 videos, Creative Educational Video, 1992:

1. Identiifcation and Classification of Insects, 18 minutes;

2. Insect Metamorphosis and Structure, 15 minutes;

3. Collection and Preservation of Insects, 16 minutes;

4. Insect Identifcation-I, 17 minutes;

5. Insect Identification-II, 23 minutes;

6. Insect Identification-III, 24 minutes;

7. Arthropod Identification, 10 minutes;

8. Practice Insect Identiifcation-I, 18 minutes;

9. Practice Insect Identiifcation-II, 20 minutes

Pesticide Applicator Training - Integrated Pest Management, VHS 2034, sound, color, 71 minutes, TAEX, 1995

Pesticide Applicator Training - Law and Regulations, VHS 2033, sound, color, 2:15 minutes, TAEX, 1995

Agricultural Chemical Emergency Response, VHS 572, sound, color, 28 minutes, Monsanto Company, 1990

An Ounce of Prevention, VHS 674, sound, color, 10 minutes, Insight Productions, Inc., 1991

Be Prepared Just in Case, VHS 382, sound, color, 12 minutes, USDA Office of Transportation in cooperation with the Southern States Cooperative, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, 1989

Big Fears...Little Risks; A Report on Chemicals in the Environment, VHS 573, sound, color, 29 minutes, American Council on Science and Health, 1989

Calibration with Gary and Carol, VHS 201, sound, color, 2 minutes, Washington State University

Contingency Planning, VHS 510, sound, color, 30 minutes, Monsanto Company, 1989

Farm Chemical Safety Is in Your Hands, VHS 235, 12 minutes, National Agricultural Chemicals Association, 1986

It's a Matter of Pride: Be Certified, VHS 234, 5 minutes, National Agricultural Chemicals Association, 1986

New Federal Pesticide Recordkeeping Regulations: What's Required? (English), VHS 797, sound, color, August 1993,
Michigan State University Cooperative Extension Service, available in English or Spanish

On-Farm Agricultural Chemical Safety, VHS 571, sound, color, 24 minutes, Monsanto Company, 1990

Orchard Air-Blast Spraying, VHS 2032, sound, color, 12:32 minutes, Washington State University

Pesticide Applicator Safety, VHS 601, sound, color, 18 minutes, National Park Foundation, 1985

Pesticide Recordkeeping: What It Can Do For You, VHS 796, sound, color, 15:25 minutes, English and Spanish, Michigan State University Cooperative Extension Service

Pesticide Registration, VHS 570, sound, color, 25 minutes, Monsanto Company, 1990

Pesticide Safety in the Landscape, VHS 585, sound, color, 29 minutes, Vocational Education Productions, 1990

Proper Storage and Disposal of Pesticides and Containers, VHS 2028, sound, color, 15:00 minutes, MSU, 1994

Safe Chemical Handling, VHS 509, sound, color, 25 minutes, Monsanto Company, 1989

Sprayer Prep with John and Daryl, VHS 2030, sound, color, 25 minutes, Washington State University, 1995

Working Safely With Pesticides, VHS 586, sound, color, 18 minutes, Siegel & Associates, 1995

Working with Pesticides; Calibrating, Mixing and Applying Pesticides, VHS 472, sound, color, 15 minutes, The Idea Bank, 1989

Working with Pesticides; Infield Clothing, Equipment and Environmental Safety, VHS 471, sound, color, 15 minutes, The Idea Bank, 1989

Working with Pesticides: Safe Storage and Disposal Methods, VHS 470, sound, color, 15 minutes, The Idea Bank, 1989

Working with Pesticides, Sprayer Operation and Maintenance Guidelines, VHS 473, sound, color, 15 minutes, The Idea Bank, 1989

*Ornamental Plant Pests: Biology and Damage, SS 1273, 27 slides, script, TAEX, 1990

Integrated Pest Management Concepts in Agriculture, SS 1362, 80 slides, 1 hour, 1997

Always Wear The Right Thing; SS 1293, 77 color slides, cassette tape and script, 21:40 minutes Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1991

Federal Pesticide Recordkeeping for Certified Applicators, SS 1307, 31 color slides, script, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, June, 1993

Pesticide Container Disposal and Recycling, SS 1291, 97 color slides, cassette tape, script Millipore Corporation, 1991

Pesticide Safety for Non-Certified Mixers, Loaders or Applicators (three parts) (English and Spanish) SS 1232, 239 color slides, script, cassette,
Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with the University of Florida, 1986: 1. Formulations, Labels and Protective Clothing, 80 slides;
2. Safety Measures for Mixing, Loading or Application, 79 slides; 3. Pesticide Disposal and Transportation, 80 slides

Protecting Groundwater; A Guide for the Pesticide User, SS 1258, 70 color slides, script, cassettes, Cornell
University Cooperative Extension with sponorship by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, 1988

Reducing Pesticide Application Drift-Losses, SS 1140, 80 slides, 40 minutes, Cooperative Extension Service, College of Agriculture, University of Arizona, 1983

The Texas Agricultural Extension Service (TAEX) Audio Visual Library is located on the Riverside Campus of Texas A&M University. It contains a collection of slide sets, slide-tape sets, videotapes and other audio-visual educational programs. Items in the Library are available only to or through TAEX faculty and staff. However, anyone can request an Extension Agent to loan a copy from the Audio Visual Library for their personal use.

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