Picture of a Spider Mite
Spider Mite

Picture of a Mite Web
Mite Web

Picture of a Spider Mite
Spider Mite

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Mite Eggs

Picture of Spider Mites

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Spider mites

Twospotted spider mites adults are small, 1/32 inch or less. The body is globular, yellowish to greenish and is often marked with 2 dark spots on the back. Mites have 8 legs. Mites spin protective webs of silk over infested plant surfaces. Another important plant feeding mite group is the false spider mites.

Plant feeder, causing stippling or bronzing of leaves.

Life cycle:
Outdoors, twospotted spider mites may overwinter as adults or continue to breed on host plants in mild winters or indoors. Adults oviposit clear to yellowish spherical eggs, often suspended in a fine web of silk on the undersides of plant leaves. First instar nymphs are spotless, clear greenish brown and 6 legged then develop into 8 legged nymphs as they molt 2 more times. Adult mites mate soon after emerging from the last nymphal stage. Egg to adult occurs in 5 to 20 days, depending upon temperature. Many generations can occur per year. Mites spin silk threads to passively "fly" or "balloon" in wind to disperse.