Fusarium Stem and Root Rot
(Fusarium solani/Nectria spp.)

Most susceptible plants: exacum

Infection by this fungal pathogen can cause rapid wilt and plant decline. This disease can easily be confused with Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus and Botrytis stem infection.

Typical symptoms develop as off-color foliage initially, with a progressive desiccation and wilt of branch sections or commonly, one side of the plant. Eventually, the entire plant may yellow, wilt and die. Examination of the lower stem commonly shows a whitish fungal growth in association with an obvious lower stem rot. Small, reddish round balls, which represent the Nectria stage (the sexual stage) of the fungus are commonly observed.

Remove infected plants as soon as symptoms are observed. Preventative drench-applied fungicides have shown good control of this disease.